GoldCast Fashion

User Experience Design, User Research, Wireframing, Group Collaboration
Introduction and Context
Communitech is part of Digital Main Street's plan to replenish online businesses in the height of Covid 19. During 2020, many business were forced to close their doors, leaving many businesses with out a platform to promote their products. The Digital Main Street Lab brings together tech companies and communities across Southwestern Ontario to pilot innovation projects.
My Contributions
During this internship, I got the opportunity to learn more about the initial stages of a design project—research, scoping, identifying problems, prioritizing and setting the vision.

I was tasked with developing and implemented UX solutions that was part of a larger initiative in the digital transformation team.

Figma, Illustrator
4 months
Aug 2020 - Jan 2021
My Role
Our Goal
Aug 2020 - Jan 2021
Who: Goldcoast Fashions & Krystian's Menswear wanted to update the look of the already existing Shopify website.

What: The primary goal was to make the site engaging ,aesthetically pleasing and functional for the user.

Why: The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have significant human and commercial impacts globally. Our objective was to reinvigorate Toronto businesses through online intervention.
My Role
  • Conduct research and user interviews.
  • Gather and report user data.
  • Craft wireframes & work closely with developer.
  • Create high level fidelity mockup.
  • Conduct user testing & make any necessary changes