Wild Flower

October 2017

Visual Narrative/ Story Telling

Documentary Project


Wildflower is a visual narrative documentary that details how individuals with body image issues find healing with the art of tattooing.  Working with the talented designer Meghan Rose, we aimed to create a video that highlights the internal struggle of body image. Intimacy, change, self-discovery, and control are major underlying themes that are shown throughout the documentary. 


During the pre-production phase of this documentary, we sat down and thought about concept that we can include. Some of the concepts we came up with were subtly included using only visuals. These visuals are meant to communicate a series of emotions and undertones that set the premise for our overlying theme, body image.

Control is a huge factor that is related to eating disorders and body image issues. The sense of self control is presented through by the protagonist and how she alters her own body with tattoos. This connects back to the problem of control that is present in eating disorders. Self conscious thoughts of body image are overcame through understanding oneself. The body is a canvas for expressing personality and accepting who you are and what your image is.


We are inspired by rangefinder and vintage looking film, specifically the color theory used in the show ‘Better Call Saul’. We also looked at 35mm film and how they're shot. We really liked the vintage and grainy aesthetic . The mood and styling of our documentaries shots suit this aesthetic and color theory.