A look into the school system and it’s glaring issues.

What does education mean to you? No really. Stop for a few seconds and think about what education means. What does it mean to learn? Think back to the last time you were in a classroom (or if that is too far off, then consider your kids or children you know who attend class daily). Do you see any issues with our current school system? If not, take a minute to read this page and discover a new methodology with Educo.


What is the Problem?

Education is going in the wrong direction. Yes, that is a bold claim. Hear me out for a minute. Human beings are naturally different and diverse. Hopefully this isn’t new to anybody, but think critically about what that actually means. Have you ever met two children who are exactly the same? I can answer that for you. No, you haven’t. No two personalities are the exact same. So then why do we treat a classroom filed with twenty to thirty children as carbon copies of one another?

Education is not based on diversity, but conformity. Standardization of information has become so abundant within our school systems, we are told that tests are more important than the information. Think about how backwards that is. Think about the last time you wrote a test. Were you being tested on your understanding of information OR were you tested on your memory? The odds are the latter.

It pains me to see curiosity become so disconnected from education. With curiosity, students would be self guiding. With curiosity, students would retain information. With curiosity, students would care. They wouldn’t worry about deadlines or evaluations, but they would care about learning because their curiosity propels them forward.

A real education has to given weigh to the arts, the sciences, historical, literature, humanities, and physical educations. In fact - we blame children for their lack of attention. We give them labels and diagnose them with conditions such as ADD or ADHD. Not to discredit or reject the existence of their conditions, but based on my own experience and research of children education, this condition is not rampant throughout our society. I believe the culprit lies with the way school systems or structured. Children do not like tedious and repetitious chores. I would fidget and fidget if I were stuck doing paper work for eight hours straight on a topic I have zero interest in.

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