About Me

Driven by a desire to learn, I am ambitious to make my mark in the world through UX design. I am a multidisciplinary designer who specializes in UI design and research. I am a social extrovert, and love to be in the metaphorical 'hot seat'. I love to work closely with others and perform my best when under pressure. When I am not obsessing over the latest design trend, you can often find me using my down time playing poker, cooking something exciting or playing with one of my many cameras!
Product Design
The goal of my professional career is to become a product designer. I aim to combine my skills as a UX and digital designer to provide quality product design to clients
Digital Design
Digital design was my entry into the world of online media. I have two years of experience interning at as a digital designer at Spark Growth & Spinrite Inc.
UX Design
I studied Interaction Design for four years at Sheridan College. It was there I grew my passion for UX design. It is my goal to expand my knowledge as a UX designer.
A strong understanding of using HTML and CSS as well as how to account for web design when creating digital assets
Adobe Suite
I am extremely proficient in a wide variety of Adobe programs such as Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign, XD, and After Affects.
I have substaintial experience with using programs such as Figma and Adobe XD, I prefer Sketch to create high fidelity mock ups and other web assets

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